Welcome to Effleurer Cosmetics, your premier destination for all things cosmetics. We are committed to providing high-quality products for our clients with a focus on safety, uniqueness and affordability. Our own search into the right skincare products for everyone has expanded into a line that has medical-grade products and the most natural of ingredients. Our vision is simple; we seek a global presence that challenges the concept of beauty being only skin-deep. We strive to infuse confidence in every individual, for we know beauty is a concept where one must find their own definition. And we have defined beauty as equating to confidence. Flawless skin, radiant smiles and ethereal appearances are just the beginning. Effleurer seeks to foster an inner radiance intertwined with confidence in each client. We are a physician-inspired company with the simple mission of redefining the beauty landscape, encouraging you to create your own definition of beauty, arming yourself with confidence along the way. Experience AMK’s Soin De La Peau & Effleurer line of skincare today. We bring you results that push boundaries.